PolyDoc is the interactive web-based report.

It has specific features:

  • Document Content with cross-links to the document pages
  • Top Menu with quick access to specific document pages or external resources
  • Multi-language interface
  • Footer panel with service information and language selector
  • Wide range of data visualization on the pages:
    • Formatted about__texts and anchors
    • Latex equations
    • Live tables
    • Static pictures
    • Interactive charts
    • Automatic numbering of equations, tables, figures and references

It is fully autonomous and can be shared as a regular file folder, particularly as a compressed file.

The document can be opened by launching an index.html file located inside the root document folder.

It is platform-independent and can be opened and viewed in all popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE, FireFox, Opera) under all popular operational systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, including tablet OS).

The document can be naturally distributed inside corporate network and can be viewed on- mouse-click if placed in the in-house corporate web-hosting.

Alternatively it can be downloaded on local computer and viewed locally.

Browsing the web-document is pretty much the same as browsing the typical web-stie.